Thursday, June 21, 2012

What I really wore to the Legal Seminar..and a Goodwill Haul

Flare trousers; New York and company (they fit my curvy bottom); sweater with mock shirt, J.C. Penney...clearanced before the big marketing change.

Hello.  Today, I was up at 5 a.m. to get ready to go to the Legal Seminar.   It's been a "lazy" summer in that I have been "sleeping in" until 7 most days because I took the summer off school and work. I felt tired and not at all inspired when I dressed this A.M. and that may explain my lackluster outfit.  My hair was also very uncooperative today....I look like a wild woman.  
A couple of days ago, I posted the two outfits I was considering wearing to the seminar, but ended up wearing this rather dull but reliable outfit.  It's so hot I could not bear the thought of long sleeves.  The seminar was in a facility I am unfamiliar with and I didn't want to take a chance that they may not crank the air high enough to keep us all cool.  Oh yeah, and a little matter of hot flashing made me reconsider the long sleeves.  I still needed to be conservative but approachable because I was volunteering at the check in table.  So, this outfit was the winner.  Funny that the pants look navy in the pic...but they really are black.

Apartment 9; Kohl's
A couple of nights ago, my hubby and youngest son accompanied me to Kohl's.  I wasn't looking for lingerie, but I happened to see this misplaced robe.  I fell in love...hard love!  It's a delicate mint green and very floaty and fluttery.  Hubby bought it for me. I did a giddy little happy dance.

This sleeve hits in the perfect spot...helps to hide  the upper arms (until we get them toned again!)
Lately, I've been reading a book that I mentioned in an earlier post; Lessons from Madame Chic.  The author, Jennifer L. Scott also has a blog that I adore, and in one of her videos, she challenges readers to look their best all the time.  She recommends wearing lovely lingerie to bed or even about the house....enjoy what you normally keep tucked away in a drawer.  Don't save your lovelies for special occasions.  I do believe that I should enjoy my lovelies by wearing them..not just opening the drawers occasionally to look at and touch them and ignore them for another several months. 

Pretty full length satiny robe with peach lace sleeve trim; Gillian O'Malley
Her admonition hit home....I had a few things tucked away, I loved wearing them, but didn't wear them....intending to keep them in pristine condition.  What was the purpose of this?  Not only did I decide to pull out the beauties that I already have....I wanted to have a few more.  
If you recall an earlier post in my blog, I discuss my initial reservations about shopping Goodwill.

Victoria's Secret shirt nightie
I had to overcome some "ickies" in my own mind in order to make my first purchases.

Unknown maker.  A chemise that makes me want to purr
On my very first trip, I found beautiful, well preserved brand name articles and I became hooked on the value of thrifting.

Victoria's Secret 2 piece satiny shorts and top
The final frontier, for me was lingerie.  I could not quite get over that hurdle.  

Elena Solano silk ruffle collar sleeveless blouse
But I did.  I wanted some new lingerie and don't have the budget to buy retail for something that is really not a "necessity".  Lingerie to me is like icing on the cake.  It's not the substance (the cake) of a wardrobe, it's the icing....the bonus on the top of the cake that is not required, but adds that extra sweetness.  I went a little crazy.  I had a 50% off coupon.  I made the most of it.  I bought myself some lovely, lacy, delicate a price that gives me no reservation about wearing the stuff for everyday wear. in nighties..IS the final frontier for me....I WILL not be buying undies (if they even sell them) at the Goodwill.  I won't be buying bras....ummm unless I find a killer LaPerla in my size in pristine condition....I MIGHT make an exception for that!  I also don't' plan to buy shoes or purses there; I prefer mine new (but clearanced!).

A,Byer top
I purchased a few pretty tops and summer dresses too.  This is a lovely top that looks prettier in person than in the photograph.

I love the flouncy, delicate sleeves

Worthington; I will wear this to dance parties

Newport News tee shirt maxi dress...this color is so vibrant!

Left; Allison Taylor silk; right, Ann Taylor Loft, silk......these were $3.00 apiece; I found them in the lingerie section, but I think they are blouses....they are tailored like blouses.  So silky soft.

Another final frontier item....this lovely throw.  It's quite perfect condition.  $2.75.  Eddie Bauer!
I didn't even photograph all the Goodwill booty.  Just a few of my favorites.   I didn't post a photo of a gorgeous lace and silk black nightie because it didn't photograph well...and I also didn't post a pretty knee length chiffon dress that I will wear to dance parties.  You may see a post at some time featuring me in that's actually my favorite.

In all, I spent $68.00 after the 50% discount.  My cart was full.  
I'm digging this thrifting thing!


  1. Looks like you had a great thrifting haul! Like you, for many years I avoided the lingerie and then I began to purchase slips and wear them around the house...something my husband likes, a lot!

  2. Terri....

    I think my hubby is going to enjoy my new things...he didn't even complain spending money! :)

  3. Thank you Adrienne...I had a great time searching for treasures!

  4. WOW.
    I loved so many of your items.
    Specially the bright yellow dress.

  5. Thank You, Lorena....I had a blast searching for treasures!


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