Saturday, April 27, 2013

A trip to the Candy Factory and more dance photos!

Today was dance lesson day.  Its always a challenge to dress for a day at the studio and errand running before and after.  Pants are not comfortable to dance in when practicing technique and learning new concepts.
Workout clothes are fine if I'm not doing other things before or after, but those days like today, where I have other errands to run, I need to look a bit more pulled together and yet have freedom, flexibility and coverage when I dance.

I change a number of times today before settling on a navy blue Max Studio flared skirt and a navy blue Ralph Lauren tee.  It was breezy and in the 60's so I topped it with a thrifted  Dress Barn white denim jacket that is surprising soft and non-constricting.

.....and my ever trusty Lia Sophia jewelry.  This piece is called 'Waterlily'

Lia sophia earrings.  I have these in matte gold also and I reach for them all the time.

After the studio, we stopped at the wondrous Albanese Candy Factory, which is a candy factory and wholesale candy store.  Much of the candy you buy comes from Albanese...including Gummy Bears!

This place is like a modern day Willie Wonka's chocolate factory!  This is the chocolate fountain.  The chocolate fountain is surrounded by a large display of candy and gifts and it soars up to the top of a vaulted ceiling.  The first time I was here, I was checking out the display, unaware of the fountain above me.  I heard what I thought was water running and asked my son..where is that noise coming from.  He pointed to the fountain and said "its a chocolate fountain mom!!!!"

This place is magical and HUGE.  All kinds of novelty items hang from the ceiling, like this lovely giant sunflower.


A small view of one of the candy counters....
The place is always packed...I just happened to snap this photo when the area was the blink of an eye, it was filled with patrons.  There is a real party atmosphere here.
The factory is behind the selling floor and customers can watch the candy making through viewing windows but photos and video are not permitted.  

Needless to say...we walked out with far more candy than we intended to.

 And now....yes, more dance photos.  These are the last of the Indiana Challenge 2013 photos (my February comp).  I just received them today and I'm pleased overall.  As usual, there are many things I see that need to be improved.  Hey, did I ever mention that I really love ballroom dance?
American Smooth Waltz.  You can see the wrap on my injured left leg.  I am still struggling with it; I wear a leg support now when I dance.  Healing is slow, but it has improved.

This is silver Smooth Waltz.....a higher skill level than the Bronze level in the previous picture.

Silver Smooth 

Silver Smooth Tango

Silver Smooth Foxtrot.  Remember when I first posted this dress and wasn't sure if I was totally sold on it.  I love it.

American Rhythm style

American Rhythm

American Rhythm.  I have to be very blunt for a moment; dangerous curves indeed.....Yikes!

Cha Cha

East Coast Swing

International Standard


My favorite dress

Marcel made the lineup for top ten teachers.  Out of 100 teachers present; he made it!  He's number 10!

Thank you for indulging me!
I hope your weekend is going well.
Hugs and kisses, Lisa

Friday, April 26, 2013

Who loves stripes?

If you love stripes, run run run to your local Old Navy and find this dress....
it's on clearance for $7.49!
(Click on the pictures to open up a larger image)

I adore it.  Love the pockets, stripes, 3/4 sleeves, and the super flattering scoop neckline. minor issues is that the pockets do shift a bit and can cause a funny crease like in this picture, but I will deal with it.

The dress doesn't come with a belt, so I added this one; it looks good with or without the belt, but I wanted a slightly less casual look.

I love pairing it with this black and white striped Willie Smith cardigan when it was chilly this morning.

Lia Sophia 'Melissa' necklace.  This is my newest favorite.  it took me some time to warm up to it, but now its at the top of my list.  Its so versatile and a little 'French' looking.

Monday at school....taken, as always, in the loo....
Simple black trousers(APT 9 curvy) and thrifted top.

This is super casual Tuesday...skinnies and thrifted cardigan and button down shirt.  The orange scarf gives this simple outfit some lively contrast.

Another super casual day.  What is up with my hair?  We've had several windy days and my hair has been whipped into submission.  Ralph Lauren straight leg jeans, thrifted sweater.

Express scarf purchased last year on clearance.  I wore this versatile snake print infinity scarf all summer last year.

With my casual jeans and sweater outfit, I wore this Lia Sophia 'Seltzer' earring and necklace set.  

My photographer....the future model?  

My semester is nearly over and fall semester (begins in August) should be my last...then I will have my Master's degree, FINALLY.
I start traveling to Indianapolis for job training on May 20th...
I'm ready and many changes on the horizon.
Thank you for stopping by!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Capsule for out of town training

I'll be out of town for training for several weeks for my new job in May.  I've compiled this capsule of pieces to take with me.  The dress code is business professional for the first day and business casual for the rest of the week.  I think this will cover it all, including activities after the training.  I'll be choosing items from my own wardrobe that are very close to these pieces.  The major difference will be that 90% of mine have been thrifted!

A Capsule for out of town training