Monday, June 18, 2012


Straw hat, Charming Charlie; top, Dress Barn; skirt, J.C. Penney on clearance last year; shoes, Eurosoft
I actually didn't fall back on my trusty black and white today!  I forgot that I had this pretty floral skirt in my closet.  I wore it like crazy last summer.  I really like it, but since I'm a bit heavier this summer, I need to choose a different top to wear with it.  This one just doesn't hit the right spot to balance my hips with my upper half.  The bottom of the shirt kept rolling up and bunching in all the wrong ways.

Have I mentioned that my photographer is my 7 year old son?

I couldn't resist posting this picture of the lovely lilies on my patio.
It was scorching hot here today and quite breezy.  I ran out to do some errands with my 7 year old son in tow.  Usually we explore local parks, but today, it was just too hot and uncomfortable.  And my foot/ankle is still aching.

My wrapped ankle and the shoes teetering on the edge of goodbye..............
I did wrap my foot for support and it helped tremendously.  I started out trying to make these sandals work, but brought my trusty flat snake print sandals, just in case.  Just in case happened about 5 minutes into the excursion.  Even though the heel on the raspberry sandals pictured here is only about an inch and 3/4, my ankle just couldn't take the pressure.
I love the vibrant color of these sandals.  I finished my shoe purge yesterday and these made the cut.  I'm still a little on the fence about them and they may fly out the door too...but for now, I rescued them from the Goodwill bag.  
I have about 20 pairs of shoes now, not including gym shoes and these still seem frivolous to me.  
What do you think?
Should they stay or should they go?


  1. I think your 7 yr old is a great photog. I esp love the Pucci style print on your shorts! You look as happy and sunny as the colors.

  2. Sometimes my 7 year old grandson takes my photos. I always get better photos when I work with a human photographer rather than my timer and a tripod. I'm not a fan of sandals with heels--but I leave the decision about the sandals up to you.

  3. Thank you.....

    My son is doing a great job so far...and he doesn't complain since I told him that he did a better job than the hubby!


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