Sunday, June 10, 2012

Last minute outfit emergency!

 Last night was my ballroom instructor's grand opening event for his beautiful new studio.  It was a great event that was probably attended by over 150 people throughout the night.  All of Marcel's past and present students and ballroom friends came out to wish him well and check out the studio's huge, shiny new dance floor.  Dancers are always looking for a new and fun place to dance and the actual floor surface is a very important consideration.  I think everyone loved the place!  The party was great fun and I danced the entire night.

Hair product on my dress; OH NO!
Yesterday, I posted an outfit and accessories based on a dress that I found on Polyvore that was a very close replica of the one I chose to wear.  I was looking forward to wearing this dress because I am in love with the bright, beautiful sky blue color.  
Earlier in the day I had let my college son borrow my minivan to bring home his belongings home for the summer break.  The campus is only an hour and a half away, so he had plenty of time to be back before I had to leave.  I expressed how very important it was for him to be back by a certain time.  This wasn't just an ordinary dance party; it was an event to kick off a new beginning for my instructor,  for whom I have a great deal of respect and love.    I proceeded to get ready and everything was working out well, until my son called and told me he had been delayed.  As the time for me to leave grew closer, and my son had still had not returned,  I knew I was going to be late.  I am always early to any event.  I get nervous about being late for anything.  Getting ready for a dressy affair is pretty stressful to me because of the extra attention to hair and makeup that is needed.  Attendees get glamorous for special events. 
 I'm not that good at creating the look I envision.  Especially when it comes to doing anything to my hair.  I can barely get my everyday hairstyle to cooperate.  I get really frustrated.  I have hair anxiety.  
 So I was getting really nervous about being late and about my uncooperative hair.  And in my anxiety, I flung hair product on my dress.  I should not have been wearing the dress before the hair and makeup was done.  I knew it before I put the dress on, but I was in a hurry to just be ready.
I couldn't get the spot out.
Putting on the false eyelashes
Usually, a mishap like this would provoke a few tears.  But somehow, I stayed calm.  I was upset about the dress, but I stayed focused and finished my hair and makeup and found a new dress

Trying out the Veronica Lake look
The hair didn't turn out too bad. It was no where near as perfect as the magazine picture I used as inspiration, but it was acceptable.   I was going for a vintage-y Veronica Lake effect.

This is the substitute dress that I wore.

This dress wasn't my first choice, but it may be prettier than the first!

Once I arrived at the dance, all my anxiety melted away.  I danced all night and enjoyed the company of all of my wonderful dance friends.  The social dance community here is a diverse mix of fun and interesting people who just love to dance.  Anywhere, anytime.  It's all about the dance.  It doesn't matter to them if my hair is not perfect or if I have a blemish or a snag in the hem of my dress.  We all just want to dance.  And once we are on the dance floor it is all smiles and laughter and joy.

It's funny to me that dancing in competitions or showcases does not make me nervous.  I don't feel anxiety before taking the floor with all the other couples and hundreds of people watching.  It's the prep beforehand that turns my tummy into mush.  The moment my toe hits the dance floor every thing that has worried or provoked me during the day just falls away and everything feels just right.

In the big picture, hair, face and clothing concerns are so small.  None the less, like most ladies, I just like to look my best.


  1. I like your backup dress ... absolutely pretty and you look stunning.

  2. I think you achieved the Veronica Lake look you were going for. But I'm not so sure I would have been as calm as you were about the delay.

  3. Wendy, Thank you for the compliment! I do like the back up dress...but I wear it quite a bit so I was just wanting a different look. In the end, it worked out well and I felt very comfortable

    Terri, Thank you....I don't know how I stayed calm. Typically I don't. I'm usually a wreck if the hair is not working out and time is speeding by. I suppose these external things shouldn't be such a concern, but if I don't feel my best I am just distracted by those things and don't enjoy myself as much.


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