Monday, June 25, 2012

Special Goodwill Find Today!

I will be creating two posts today; one for today's outfits and very special Goodwill finds, and the other to respond to a wonderful challenge from another blogger.

Dress, Jones New York Sport (garage sale); New York and company belt; shoes, Anne Klein iflex (clearance)
Today's dress was a $2.00 garage sale purchase!  It's so soft and stretchy and comfy...I felt like I had nothing on!  Perfect for casual days; I still felt put together and not frumpy!  I added a wide stretchy belt and I think it enhanced my curves in a rather nice way....which is no easy feat!  My iflex shoes were super comfy to walk in all day too.  

Anne Klein iflex, clearanced at DSW shoes

Judith Jack earrings
I also wore a Judith Jack necklace that had a small filagree heart shaped pendant that is similar in style to the earrings but forgot to snap a picture.
Two lovely lilies bloomed today on my patio!

I went to the local Goodwill store to drop off some clothing items that I have purged. I decided to take a peek inside to see if I could find a black 'boyfriend' style cardigan I have been looking for.  To my delight, an employee was placing some posters and prints into a bin for $2.00 each.

A variety of prints and posters...
These are not your typical cheaply printed posters; these were posters printed by well know graphics companies.  These are the posters you pay about $20.00 and up for (unframed); they are art posters printed on high quality paper. 
I used to work at a franchised Deck the Walls; a company that frames prints, posters and other works of art.  I absolutely loved that job...and I became very familiar with many artists works.

Needless to say, when I saw these prints, I had to take some time and look them over....I found many treasures!  When the Goodwill employee was putting out the prints, I happened to notice the large sleeves that they prints were stored in were the same type used at the store I had worked in.  Then I happened to see MY OWN DISTINCTIVE HANDWRITING on the labels of the storage sleeves!  The prints were from the store I had worked at!  The store has been closed for about 6 or 7 years, and I had not worked there for many many years.

There were hundreds of prints and the Goodwill store manager told me she would not even be able to put them all out today.  I was so excited....I carefully sorted through them and chose 30...yes...30 prints to take home.  Most of the prints are very large....focal point size prints that will need special framing.  I found prints from one of my favorite contemporary artists, Steve Hanks, and even a Terry Redlin print!
I plan to keep several prints to frame for my home and several of them will be gifts.

Steve Hanks

I also picked out several to give to my dance coach for his brand new studio.  I can't wait to show them to him.

I was a little worried that my husband might be upset that I spent so much, but actually he was pleased with my idea of giving them for gifts and he had several ideas in mind.  I also found two special golf prints for him to put in the man cave he has been working on.

Finding these prints was special for me.....they were a great find, made more meaningful because they came from the store I had worked many hours in.   I used to spend hours perusing the prints and catalogs and always imagined which ones I would choose for my home someday.  At the time, even though framing was dramatically discounted for employees, I couldn't afford to purchase as many as I would have liked to.  Now, I have some of those I dreamed of owning and I purchased them for a great price!

I'm going back tomorrow.


  1. What a lucky day for you. I like the print of the dancers.

    You look gorgeous in the dress as well .. not at all frumpy!

  2. Thank you Wendy.......the print of the dancers is one of my favorites too!


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