Monday, May 27, 2013

Quick post!

 Just a quick outfit post!  I'm working in the local county office for 4 days and then I head back to Indy.  I took a quick outfit picture for a casual grocery shopping day with my pal Suzi.
I'm loving the ease and comfort of skinnies!
I'm not happy with my weight right now, or the chubbiness in my face....
so I'm trying to make some changes.
I need a boost of support as I try once again to take better care of myself and become more fit and healthy.

I hope you are all doing well!


  1. Lisa - you look so cute with your hat! I think you look great but if you are uncomfortable with yourself than you can make that change. I know you can do it!! You are an incredible woman with all that you do.

    I feel the same way about myself right now and I've been working so hard at getting slimmer but the scale is not going down. I drives me crazy!!!


  2. You look great in your skinny jeans! We did the same recently and made some changes to our diets - for health as well as weight reasons. Go for it ! You look amazing anyway btw. Xxx

  3. I didn't take care of myself for years while caring for my mother and in the past year have made a total turn around...In the next few weeks I plan to show my before pictures...Take it one day at a time!

    1. I wouldn't call it work, might mess you up from the get go. I call it making better choices and taking care of myself.

  4. I think you look terrific! but I agree taking care of ourselves is something we mums often let take a back seat to taking care of our families first. You deserve some of the care too!

  5. You look great and I love the hat! Take care :)

  6. I am in awe that you and a friend go grocery shopping together
    That is a true friend. :)

  7. I think you are looking great lady. Love the black and white combo-so chic!
    xx, Heather

  8. Oh, I hear ya .. I'll eat well all week and then fail on the weekend .. lol


  9. You have ALL my support!

  10. Sweet Lisa - I'm here for you! Just remember to give yourself a chance to settle into the new routines and challenges ... it causes craziness but a good way to deal with all this is to eat properly - keeps the blood sugar levels regular and your energy up. I think you are looking awesome but we know we don't see ourselves how others do. Love yourself through this :-)

  11. Very cute, I love the hat, it gives your outfit a playful 60's look/ I wish you the best of health, you look great!

  12. I think you look great, but I understand the need to change the things we aren't happy with. I am currently working on that myself!

    What Lola Wants

  13. I can identify with you on this one. I started exercising to address this earlier this year. I was doing so well, but then I got sick and I've been off the bandwagon ever since. Let's keep each other up to date.


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