Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lady dates!

This was a great week for lady dates.  On Wednesday, I had lunch with my childhood friend, Rose, whom I haven't seen in 12 years.  We grew up next door to each other and were very close.  We lost touch as each of us grew our families and last year reconnected via Facebook. We decided we were no longer going to let our friendship fall by the wayside.  We had a wonderful lunch and did some antique mall shopping.  We picked up our friendship as though no time had elapsed.  It was such a special day.
Today, I had lunch with another lifelong friend, Suzi.
We live in the same neighborhood and have a lady date about once a month and shop the big box craft stores.  Suzi is super talented with just about any kind of craft and I'm a crafty wannabe.  I'm creative, but more in an idea generating way.  In fact, I'm working on bringing some inventions I have created to which I believe will sell like crazy!!!  I'm Working on that project with my brother who is also very inventive and full of ideas.  Anyway, today it was kind of cool, in the 60's when Suzi picked me up and so I dressed a little more warmly than I would for a June day.  By noon, I was too warm!
Liz Claiborne top, thrifted $2.50; Land 'N Sea pants, T.j. Maxx, $19.99; scarf, J.C. Penney, $8.00.

I love these shoes.  They are so comfy and I consider them my 12 hours shoes.  They have a chunky 2.5" heel and work well with trousers and jeans. They are so much prettier than they look here.  I receive many compliments when I wear them.  
Clark shoes.  Purchase three years ago at regular price, before my thrifty ways.   I have worn these so many times and love them...totally worth the price.  

Pants detail...I love the pinstripe
I had to get a pic of the pinstripe detail in my pants.  There are also super comfy.  They fabric is rayon and with a bit of stretch.  They moved well and didn't bag or sag!
After Suzi and I finished out lunch date, I went home to change and pick up my son for a trip to the Goodwill.  It was half price day and I was hoping to score some deals.
Earthies; 6; super comfy, pretty, versatile, great for high arches.  Love them.

Top, T.J. Maxx; $10
I changed into this top and sandals to accommodate the warmer afternoon temperatures.
Today's Goodwill haul; half price day...each item $2.50!
This is my Goodwill mini-haul.  I arrived pretty late in the day, so much of the stock was picked over, but I still got some beautiful things at bargain prices.  The sweater at the bottom is a clear navy blue silk blend.  I know it will be really versatile.  I also love the snake print pullover top.
If only I had been friendly to the idea of thrift shopping years ago!

I'm off work for the rest of the summer.  My teaching assignment was cancelled due to low summer enrollments so I won't be taking any classes or teaching until fall.  It probably won't hurt to take a break, but I miss having somewhere to go every day and a "reason" to dress better.  I really shouldn't need a reason; I should do it just because I enjoy it.  It's hard to break culturally ingrained ideas about dressing up and dressing down; I've never been one to embrace the cultural notion of dressing down, but I do still feel overdressed at times for everyday events.

Maybe I should embrace my time off and spend it catching up with my friends and having weekly "lady dates".  The town I live in has the best independent little lunch spots.  It's been such a pleasure, a luxury and a blessing to be able to do this for the first time in years!  

I realize that I need my lady dates.  Living in a household of men, I crave girl time. I'm going to seize this opportunity. It's going to be a good summer.


  1. If for no one else or no other reason - dress jsut for you, because you're worth it. Hope you have a wonderfully productive summer. I'd love a few weeks off to get done all the things that are piling up around my home.
    Love the scarf

  2. Hi Lisa- I got your comment and you're now on the blogroll- so good to see the list is growing!

    I agree- time spent with the ladies is nourishing- it's good to have women friends to balance out our energy!

  3. Thank you ladies for the encouragement and for stopping by my blog!


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