Sunday, June 17, 2012

This is Excess...Upcoming Purge!

My last post on essential shoes really made me reconsider my shoe wardrobe.  
I do have a shoe passion, but this is excess.
I decided to do a pretty post as a send off for some of my shoes.  There are just too many that don't get enough wear to justify them taking up space in my closet.  It's just not beneficial to open my closet, gaze at them admiringly, then look forward to the next wearing that probably won't happen for a long time to come.

I heart shoes.
It makes me sick to my stomach that I have been this excessive. It makes me feel guilty, selfish and foolish.  Past rampant consumerism at it's worst.  

So over the top............
I'm getting rid of several pairs of the shoes pictured here a couple not pictured.  
The shoes that I'm purging TODAY are the Sofft leopard mary janes (beautiful but painful after a couple of hours), the burgundy patent Eurosofft mary janes, The green Cole Haan sandals, and the burgundy patent pumps (next to the green Cole Haan sandals).  I haven't decided on some of the others, but I will keep those shoes that get fairly regular rotation.
I am keeping the red peep toe pumps, the ivory black two tone pumps, the nude peep toes, the Sofft taupe platforms, the black latin dance shoes (I used them often for dance parties) the suede burgundy Sofft mary janes, the red Tahari loafer pumps, the purple pumps the burgundy kitten heels, the black kitten heel pumps with buckle, the gray pumps and the blue mary janes.  That's still a lot of shoes...but all of those get quite a bit of wear.  The other shoes not listed as keep or purge are the shoes I'm on the fence about.  I haven't worn the navy blue Sofft pumps.  I do wear navy pants occasionally, but I had always worn them with black shoes in the past and they looked just fine.  OK....I'm adding the navy shoes to the purge list.
I had considered taking them to a consignment shop to make some cash, but I am not going to do that.  They are going to Goodwill.  I know it doesn't seem to make sense to give them away; but I have decided that the only way to resolve my ill feeling about owning in such excess  is to make sure that they go to a place where they can be purchased and loved by someone who is shopping smart and on on a budget.
All of these shoes WERE purchased on clearance and off season, so they were reasonable, but at one time, most of them had a high-ish retail price.  I'm giving away some very nice shoes, that don't get the frequent wear that they should.  What is the point of having them if they just hang out and look cute.
I am swearing off of shoe purchases for the next year.  
I will be looking for some athletic/water shoes, but that's it.  
Goodbye excess.....


  1. I understand, I purged my shoes wardrobe this weekend. At 46 comfort is the number one priority, style the seoncd. Luckiy there are still lots of brands that achieve this aim - Clarks and Converse are my saviours.

  2. I'm a big Clark and Converse fan myself. I agree...comfort is crucial.

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  4. I think I have a similar pair of purple suede pumps as in this photo.

  5. Terri,

    The purple suede pumps will survive the purge. I think they are surprisingly versatile......

  6. Wow - my question is how many pairs do you currently have ? You have some really nice shoes.
    I totally feel your guilt. I am like that too. Just this month I am getting rid of about 4 pairs. I wear them one last time before letting go.
    I have about 90 pairs left.

  7. Lorena, I can't bring myself to do a shoe count. I think I have around 40 pairs. I should say HAD...I probably purged about 15 pairs of shoes in this last purge..and about 7 pairs a couple of weeks ago. I love shoes...can't help it!!!

  8. I love shoes too! It's sad to see how many shoes I've bought because I loved them, but have never had the right occasion to wear them to. I've also donated nicer items hoping someone will find them at the thrift store and show them the love they deserve. :)

    1. It's easy to be impulsive when shoe shopping. I really need to be more careful about my shoe purchases...and consider how many things I will be able to wear to wear them with. We shoe ladies just can't help it, right?


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