Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Power of Adornment

Adorning oneself with make up, jewelry and clothing has transformative power.
When I use the word adornment, it almost sounds artificial, prissy and pretentious.

I don't think it is any of those things because taking a little bit of time to adorn yourself, to decorate your body with pretty clothing or jewelry, or to put make-up on your face has the power to uplift your mood and elevate your self esteem.
The YOU that you present to the world should look and FEEL good.  It's pretty hard to look good when you don't feel that you look your best.

Wendy and Sabrina preening with their new bling!
I snuck in a pic from my February competition.  I just got this and I'm very please with my shaping and movement.
I see this in action whenever I do a Mary Kay Makeover or sell a sparkly piece of jewelry or advise a jewelry party.
Makeup doesn't have to be elaborate...just a pretty wash of color to brighten your face!
 I always knew that I felt better when I put some effort into adorning myself and attending to my looks a little  more diligently, but I didn't  really pay attention to what it could do for others until I started selling Lia Sophia jewelry. ( I promise this is not a shameless plug for my LS business).  When I started selling, I noticed how much the ladies smile and admired themselves.  A bling-y necklace can reflect flattering light and color on your face, but it also transforms your experience of yourself.  I love seeing the expressions on the faces of customers when they put on their new bling.  In the picture on the right, Sheila and Wendy, the owners of my favorite little lunch shop in my hometown did some fun hand poses with their new pieces.  They were so excited, smiling....uplifted.  What a joyful thing to witness.

I try to take the time to 'adorn' myself everyday.  Somedays I do a better job and others days I miss the mark.  But I never miss it so badly that I don't feel lighter and prettier....unless I don't do anything. Catching a reflection of myself in a store mirror doesn't torment me when I put effort into my appearance.

This past Sunday.....I was in a hurry to get to the bank before it closed (yes...my bank is even open on Sunday at some of their branches) and so I did nothing for my appearance.  I quickly blow-dried my hair in flyaway fashion and hid the untidy results under a beret.  I didn't have time for make up.
I felt irritable, crabby and maladjusted.
I caught the dreaded glimpse in the store mirror....and for a moment wondered who that tired woman was.
Oh yeah, it was me.
I felt terrible.
My physical unkempt-ness had transposed itself onto my mood.
My hair felt like it was flying all over my face, my bangs were falling in my eyes, my hat kept slipping.
My clothes suddenly felt like they were shifting and my socks were slipping down and bunching in my boots.
I couldn't what to get home and get away from my miserable self. I felt like I looked haggard and tired and everyone could see it.
I hope I never do that again.
I was out with my husband and son that day and because I was feeling so miserable I didn't give them my best either.

On my way to school
When I I got home, I took a hot bubble bath and pulled myself together.  I took a moment to pull my crazy hair into a neat ponytail and put on just a bit of blush.
I felt better.
I'm not saying that my emotional well being is immovably tied to my appearance, but I know that when I don't put a little effort into looking better,
I don't feel my best.

"Adornment, what a science; beauty what a weapon; modesty, what elegance!"--Coco Chanel

Delivering some sparkly jewelry
Clothing, makeup, jewelry, hair.....its all positive vanity when it is used to offer a well-groomed presence.

This pretty bracelet is one of the freebies Lia Sophia sent me for booking a March show!
I have seen the brighter smiles and a lightness of carriage when a woman plays in makeup of jewelry or clothing.  Nothing has to be expensive or elaborate, it just needs to be fresh and make you feel a bit brighter and prettier.

You have to polish a star to help it shine its brightest....

Shine on, pretty ladies!


  1. Wonderful post! I agree when you know that you look not necessary your best but simply good then your mood is better and your confidence is higher. And small things like make up or a piece of jewelry sure help looking better.

    1. Just adding something pretty to our outfit daily has the power to transform!

  2. I agree .. I feel much better when I pull myself together (clothing, makeup, jewelry). I just feel better and that makes me present myself better. Otherwise, I'm a grumpy mess and who wants to deal with that .. lol


  3. What a nice reminder of the power of adorning oneself in beautiful objects, or taking the time to "paint" ourselves like a canvas. Whenever I am feeling really down, I like to clean myself up and put on a pretty outfit or do my face. You're so right - it makes a world of difference to your self-esteem.

    1. I agree, Sheila. It does make a world of difference.

  4. Awww heres a {{{{{{{hug}}}}}} for you - I totally understand. Studies have shown that how people dress affects how they perform at work, how they carry themselves etc. etc. etc. Whether we like it or not, we are judging each other by how we look. I hate myself when I get caught in this predicament

    1. Me too, Wendy....I really make an effort every day, because the days I don't just feel "off" to me.

  5. I love that you are seeing a difference in the women that attends the party for jewelry & make-up! This may make me sound a little shallow but I never leave the house without makeup or sweats. The only time I am without makeup is when I go to workout. For me, I want to look my best every time I leave the house. It just makes me feel better.


    1. I don't think its shallow at all. We should feel our best...then we can go about our day with little distraction and feeling good.


"When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect"--Mark Twain