Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sparkly Dance Party!

Every Friday night there are social dance parties that dancers of all skill levels attend.  I love my Friday parties because I love hanging out with all of my dance friends, burning calories and of course dancing.    Last night, just for fun, I decided to "bling" myself.  I used eyelash glue to attach tiny Swarovski crystals to myself.  Under the studio's sparkly lights the crystals sparkle like stars.  My dance pals love the bling and every time I would dance by a mirror, I would catch a glimpse of sparkly self!  
Every party has a theme, and I don't always pay attention to it...sometimes I will dress for the theme, others I don't.

T.J. Maxx clearance dress; $7.00!
Tonight was one of those nights I didn't.  At least intentionally.

Swarovski crystals
The theme was "Sergeant Pepper"; as in the Beatle's song!

Look closely at my left arm; you can see the crystals...they were all over!
Jokingly, I told my friends that I fit into the theme because I am "stoned".  Not in the traditional sense (I don't use any drugs), but "stoned" with crystals.  In the ballroom world "stoned" or "heavily stoned" means there are lots of crystals on your ballroom gown.

Fishnets, Kohl's; Shoes, Sofft Galena 
I even put the crystals on my fishnet stockings.

Brighton necklace
This is the lovely Brighton necklace that I wore.  

I "stoned" my face too.  And my hair.  

To do this, I used eyelash glue so that removal would be easy and painless.  Most of the crystals stayed on for the entire party.

I love my dance parties for so many reasons, and one reason is the opportunity to be creative with hair, makeup and clothing.  I love being a girly-girl.  I was wearing a simple, almost boring dress, but the simple and fun addition of the crystals made the whole thing feel a lot more fun!

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