Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Last year, I was invited by some ladies at a Belly Dance/Ballet studio to participate in a boudoir/pin-up photo session.  The event was a special ladies night out; a pin-up photo session with wine, cheese, chocolate, mood lighting and music.  I had some special photos taken for my husbands birthday in a little black and pink chemise and a vintage wood golf club to stay in the mood of the a true pin-up theme.  This was such a fun event!  I'm posting my favorite photo from the session here.
I love the contrast of the red satin, the black gloves and the white pearls and background.  I can't wait to do another session.....I have some fresh ideas.  For the next session, I would like to have Veronica Lake style hair, with a deep side part and smooth finger waves, brighter lipstick and a shorter satin chemise.  I think I may keep the pearls (they are kind of my trademark, I wear them often) and also try some sparkling rhinestones.

No matter what your body type or shape, ladies, I hope you revel in being a woman.  I would have done this even if I was single.  It was an empowering evening of self appreciation and fun.  It was a group of girls just being girls and playing dress up.  Every woman there had encouraging and kind words to say to every other woman...and that is something that we should all experience.  There were giggles, ladies helping one another with hair and makeup and words of encouragement.  It was beautiful to see every "average" lady blossom into her own version of a luscious pin-up beauty.

I'm happy to say that this portrait was taken after my 50th birthday.

Ladies...I think this is something we should all do once in our lives.  In a decade, we will look back and ask; "why did I beat myself up about my looks?  I was lovely."  I hope I encourage you to do this, just once, for yourself.  The next one is for me.


  1. I love these pin-up looks whenever I see them, but have never done one myself. I love the idea of the finger waves for the next fact, I'd love to know how to do pin waves.

  2. Terri.....well, hopefully you will have the opportunity to do one soon!


"When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect"--Mark Twain