Wednesday, June 6, 2012

One outfit accessorized two ways

As you will see below, my "fashion eye" is far more acute when I'm playing with imaginary outfits as opposed to dressing myself.  Since the summer class I was scheduled to teach was cancelled due to low enrollment,  my summer wardrobe has been adjusted to suit a far more casual lifestyle.  I'm not enjoying dressing as much as I would if my wardrobe needs were a little more dressy.One outfit accessorized two ways

Since I don't have to punch a clock, I am free to spend my days as I please...with no real time demands. My husband and I have agreed that I would not work this summer and I have committed to spending this time with my seven year old son.  Its been fun...we've been exploring parks and playgrounds and testing out the swings in each of them.  This is long overdue, it has been my first summer off in three years.

Casual summertime dressing is very challenging for me.  Another challenge has been finding a way to dress a body that is now 10 lbs heavier than what is usual for me.  The heavy demands to write papers has had me sitting on my butt more often than is good for me.  I still work out, but not daily, and not with the intensity that I once did.

One of the reasons I chose to created my own blog is to really get a good look at how I dress and try to improve my style.  Today's outfit seems very bland and boring.  I usually wear this dress with heals and dressier accessories, but since I don't have much a warm weather wardrobe I thought I would try to dress down this wrap dress.  I don't think it worked.  Oh well.  I decided to post anyway because I want to be honest with self, and to see my self through the eyes of readers.  I'm always up for constructive opinions.

I'm going to enjoy this summer, but fall is really my time to shine when it comes to dressing well.  It's so much easier to dress when I don't have to consider what will work in the unpredictable Midwest temps or in hot weather.  In the fall, I can wear jeans for more casual events, but during the summer I just can't bear to pull on a pair of jeans.  I don't feel good in shorts or capri pants either; I'm too short and curvy to pull off either.  White pants are great, but not so practical for trips to the park.  And colorful skinnies and ankle pants...well, I love them...on other people.  I'm just too hippy right now.  Whine, whine, whine........

I am working on eating right and exercising stand by for a better me....until then, here is today's look.

Wrap dress purchased about 7 years ago from  Sears

Pink toes and Naturalizer snake print flat sandals from T.J. poor dancer's feet say Ahhhh...

DaVinci pink charm bracelet.  These are similar to other higher end bead bracelets but, at $6.00 per charm, much more affordable.  The black charm bracelet was a gift, unknown brand.

Have a great week everyone and enjoy the sunshine!!!!!!!


  1. Fabulous mix and match! I love the accessories on the left side. I bet you'll look wonderful wearing those.


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