Friday, June 22, 2012

Legal Seminar Day Two; Retro Look

I think this dress has a retro look to it.  I purchased it at the Goodwill!  It's in perfect condition and it was $3.50 after a that day's special discount!  Just for fun I googled "pin-up clothing" and found the site that I linked to in my last post.  I found a dress that was very similar to this one for over $100.00!

I changed the self belt to a wider one..but I'm not sure I like it all that much.  I am considering adding a couple of red buttons to the dress, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea or not.  I didn't have a necklace that suited the mood of this dress, so I went without. I would like to purchase a necklace to wear with the dress, but I'm not sure what type of necklace would express the retro look.  Any ideas?

Merona dress, thrifted; Shoes, Nine West
Today, I manned the registration desk at a continuing education legal seminar for attorneys.  I had been talking to the program director about Goodwill thrifting (she does it too!) and a few minutes an attorney that we know walked in wearing a smashing dress.  I complimented her on the dress and her response was "Goodwill"!!!! We all got a good belly laugh as we explained that our previous conversation had been about Goodwill shopping.  I had no idea that so many people shopped there!  

Norton dress, thrifted
After the seminar, I had to rush home to take my little guy to his little league baseball game.  I changed out of my dress and into this summer shift.  It's still super hot here and many areas of the ball field are out in the bright sun.  I wanted to be cool and comfy, but I don't wear shorts except for the occasional home I needed a cute dress.  This one was purchased during that last big haul that I raved about.  You can't see the detail, but there are little red stars on the left breast pocket area and white and red piping detail on the neckline and collar.  I was so comfy in this!  

Here are some pictures of things that make me smile:
My Grandson; he's 1.........and yes, he's got a booger...eww

Lucas Rufus McScruff, my sweet Yorkie-Bichon pooch

My friend Karen (a Latin style competitive dancer) and me mugging for the camera with Rudolpho, Karen's instructor who is a professional competitive Rising Star winner (with his professional partner, Jessica).  We were posing like this as a joke; Rudolpho is a marvelous dancer and he is also very self assured with the we were "swooning" over him for the camera...feeding his ego a bit.  He's playing it cool.  Dance parties are all good fun...lots of laughs, lots of dancing..lovely friends

I hope everyone has a safe and fun for me; I'll be dancing!


  1. A fun post, Lovely pics and fabulous dress.

  2. Thank you! I felt very comfortable in that dress; comfortable physically and comfortable with the way I felt that I looked in the dress.

  3. I love that dress, it's so cute and flattering. I love the theme of your blog, because I am curvy and it's hard especially as a young girl. Lovely post :)

  4. Camelia...Many things are difficult when you are a young girl. Enjoy who you are and what God gave you.

    I am glad you enjoyed the post!

  5. Gorgeous dress and it is too funny that all three of you found your dress at a thrift!


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