Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ooo la lingerie...ultra glam

I'm in an ultra glamorous, slight retro lingerie kind of mood lately.  I've always loved lingerie, but I have gotten away from wearing it .

I could blame it on a "ten year itch"in my marriage. ..but that's not really the case. Lingerie is often worn only in the context of a relationship to create a desired reaction from a partner.  That's all lovely fun, but wearing lingerie is something we should also do for ourselves.  I've gotten out of the practice.  Sometimes we get comfy and complacent and fall back on the trusty sweats as pajamas.  I used wear beautiful lingerie for myself as a single woman, but now that I'm married, my lingerie is relegated to a drawer except for special occasions.  It's time to reclaim this little sensual secret and..... wear something indulgent simply for the pleasure of feeling silky fabric against my skin.  A satiny slip of a garment can put a rosy glow on a girl's face and drape her curves lovingly.   I miss that ultra fem, girly feeling.

I need to indulge in some glamourous all out girl wear.  Time to update the lingerie closet, just for me.  Ooo la la.........
Oh la lingerie...ultra glam


  1. Oh, I wish I was more attracted to lingerie.
    I am not :(
    I find them uncomfortable, itchy and not warming enough... yeah i know they're not supposed to be on for that long but i have just never got the hang of them.

  2. Lorena; I have really sensitive skin and some lingerie is very itchy. I look at it very closely and I'm careful about the lace...which is usually the source of the itchiness. I usually choose things with wider straps too, instead of those thing spaghetti straps. I know it's just not for some people...but it's really pretty to look at, isn't it?


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