Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dance Night = Happy Night

Today was ANOTHER scorching hot day.  My son had ANOTHER ball game.  I wore this thrifted dress and stayed cool and felt very comfortable.  The green color of this scarf appears to be more blue than yellow, but the lightest color of the scarf is actually the same as the dress.  
This is the thrifted Newport News dress that I posted previously...$3.50!  This was in pristine condition!

Dangling my weary feet before a night of dance
At the game, it was hot and miserably hot and my feet were aching.  I dangled them for awhile and they began to calm down's a good thing because I had dancing to do!  See, my versatile snake print sandal shows up again.
Scarf closeup...the light green is actually the same color as the dress....The Limited scarf

My son, the willing photographer snapped this photo of me just before I was leaving for the dance party at Marcel' tonight.  I was so tired and drained all day..that I had little focus during my lesson and then during the dance party....I was just short of being make of jello.  I was wiped out by the end of the night!
Dance party dress; New York and Company...before I discovered the joy of thrift...

Brighton necklace

Each time I walk into the studio, something is different.  Today was no different; there was a lot that was different...but this was my favorite change.  I was snapping pics of the bench and Marcel suggested I allow him to take a pose with me sitting on this lovely bench...I felt like I was the Queen and this was my throne!
This is a lovely bench in Marcel's new studio...I love the ornate carvings.....

Marcel and I in "promenade" position...
By this time, I was totally wiped out.  I couldn't focus at all or dance well....but the joy of dancing overrode any weariness!....As much as I love dance...I am happy to be home!


  1. I watched Shall We Dance with Richard Gere and now I see why people dance.
    Love your poses.

  2. I'm glad you are enjoying my blog.

    Dancing is just feels like you are sweeping across the floor. It's addictive!

  3. What great outfits! That necklace is beautiful!


  4. I love the pose with Marcel! I wonder if the heat had a negative effect on your feet. I know in my area that the humidity can cause my feet to swell. I love the NewportNews dress.

  5. Thanks Emilie and Terri...btw...I'm still trying to get the "reply" button to show up after a comment...but it won't work!

  6. I love to dance, I workout with Zumba. You look very pretty in the Newport News dress and that scarf was a huge deal. That's wonderful that you dance.

  7. Thanks you.....I enjoy your blog, too!


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