Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tonight's Dance Party Grand Opening; Inspiration

Tonight is the Grand Opening of the new studio of my ballroom teacher, Marcel.  Marcel has worked as an independent instructor for many years, working out of his home or renting space by the hour at other studios.  Marcel is the best ballroom teacher in Northwest Indiana.  He is highly esteemed by many top professional ballroom dancers and coaches.  He has a reputation for being very strict about technique.  It's true, he is.  And it has paid off for me.

Marcel is also known for not compromising his standards and teaching in a manner that is true to good, solid dance technique.  He has worked for chain studios in the past and it was just not a good fit for him.  Although he has to earn a living, he has never been just about the money.  He has a passion for dance and teaching and for helping his students achieve that "A-ha" moment where the body and brain absorb the lesson and beautiful movement is accomplished.

I am so happy for him.  If there is any teacher that deserves this, it is him.  I've been dancing with Marcel for 2 years of the 5 years I've been dancing.  I know enough to recognize a gem, and he is the Hope Diamond of dance instruction in this area.  Tonight's Dance Studio Grand Opening; InspirationThis dress is the exact same color and very similar style to a dress that I will be wearing to the dance party tonight.  I wanted to wear a bright, fresh, summery color.  I wanted to wear something that was already in my closet.  Although the dress in the picture is not my dress, it is very close match.  The jewelry is similar to some that I own.  I haven't decided which way to style it yet.  I'm leaning toward the silver accessories, but my dance shoes are gold.

I will be sure to take pictures of my dress and of the party tonight.  I'm excited! Now it's time to get ready!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

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