Wednesday, October 31, 2012

To be Recreated....

I plan to re-create this look tomorrow or Friday.

I just love polished casual.  I finally found a jean skirt that fits me; its a Levi's denim pencil skirt and it looks very similar to this one.   The hat and bag I will be wearing tomorrow will be different..but overall, a very similar look.
When I wear casual, I have found the best way to create a good look is to piece it together on Polyvore.  I have pieces similar to all of these, but the denim is new.  My long search for a versatile denim skirt is over.
Now to soften it up a bit and give it that lived-in patina.....To be Recreated....

Monday, October 29, 2012

75% Thrifted!

My outfit today is 75% thrifted!

The dress, sweater and scarf are thrifted.

The beautiful Italian leather jacket is thrifted.  The boots, tights and 'necklace' (see below) are not thrifted.

Its been dangerously windy here today; we're feeling the effects of Hurricane Sandy in the Midwest.

I'm saying prayers and hoping that it will be over soon and that those who live in Sandy's path will be safe.

This isn't a necklace.  Its a belt, which I'm wearing as a necklace today.

This thrifted.......

......but this is what it really looks like; I had to get creative today.  I didn't have any of the silver chunky jewelry I wanted to wear with this dress, so I flipped the was pretty enough to wear as a cuff!

 I love this beaded bracelet.

Tight pattern detail.

Oh, sneaky, Peyton!  He snuck this picture in!

This is 'Peyton's' dog...Lucas Rufus McScruff.....he's a little love bug!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Black Tie Affair

My favorite type of formal wear has always been a simple black dress.

Nothing says quiet elegance like a black dress.

This is what I would wear as a spectator at an evening dance exhibition.  I love the simplicity and elegance of the classic pearl jewelry.  Pearl has luster rather than shine and sparkle which suits the graceful, clean lines of this dress.

I chose to pair two of the same necklace to fill in the neckline; I would adjust one slightly longer so that it appears to be one very full necklace.

Closed toe T-strap shoes are simple, beautiful and more comfortable than strappy, sandal heels.    I love the look of wide, matching pearl cuff bracelets for each arm.  Because the dress and accessories are so simple, I would carry a purse with unique feature, like this ladylike bow clutch.

I would feel like a million bucks in this evening wear........I'm ready for the next big event!

Black Tie Affair

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Costume and Casual

Before I started dancing, I rarely received invitations to costume parties; this year...I had to choose between 6 of them.  I made it to one.

I made it to a party at a local dance studio, one that I don't frequent, but friends do.  I had another costume idea in mind, but when I put on the makeup I felt so Bollywood, so I had to change to Bollywood at the last minute.....

Here are the results.  I glued each of the Swarovski crystals to my face using eyelash works very well.

Another great use of eyelash glue is to use it to fasten earrings....really, its not just for lashes anymore!  Some ballroom dancers (like me!) put a dab of eyelash glue on my lobes to keep the gigantic, heavy earrings dancers wear from flying off during competition.

Many of us do this (btw, ballroom earrings are usually clip -on!) and it keeps them on FOREVER! doesn't hurt to take it off!
I was so tempted to go to tonight's dance...a masquerede wear my pretty mask with a glamorous black, but my son wanted to hang at the pumpkin patch and take the Haunted Hayride.....
before the Hayride, we went to our brand new library building.  The new building opened on Monday and it is incredible.  Peyton was really excited to get a new library card.
He sat quietly reading for two hours while I browsed magazines...!

It was COLD today....and I bundled and dressed warmly.

Just for fun.....I mixed my purples and loved it!

I'm really wiped out from the eventful weekend....
Tomorrow, homework!  Grade papers!
I have to get busy!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lisa and Rhonda's day: A cousin's date (lunch, thrifting and silliness)

Warning:  Lots of pictures here! Perhaps a few that shouldn't be here :)

Today was Lisa and Rhonda day.  Rhonda is my cousin.  We are a year apart and spent quite a bit of time together at my Grandparents house when we were young.

We read Tiger Beat magazine...drooled over all the adorable teen celebrity boys. I really thought I was going to marry David Cassidy and I'm quite upset that he never even gave me a chance.
We lamented our very curly hair.
Rhonda still laments hers; I lament that my curls are not as curly as they were before I gave birth to Peyton.
Rhonda hung out with Beulah (our lovely, talented, sweet and domestic grandmother) all the time; she learned to cook and sew and craft and quilt.
Rhonda got all the crafty talent from Grandma.  She married her high school sweetheart at a very tender age.
I started working when I was 14 and participated in all the high school plays and musicals
We were moving in very different directions and lost touch for so many years.
About a year and half ago, we reconnected via Facebook and have spent some quality time renewing our cousinship.
Its been so much fun.
Today, we had a cousin date, doing one of our favorite activities; thrifting.
We had lunch at our favorite little retro-style ice cream and sandwich shop, What's the Scoop.  Since WTS is retro-style, we decided to dress a bit retro-style.  This brown dress has a very 50's housewife look......

After lunch, we walked over to a sweet little church operated resale shop.  This place has some of the best treasures at unbelievable prices.
On the way there, I couldn't resist this huge leaf pile.......

This is Rhonda as a young girl....

and this is me (dork city) you can see, we both went to great lengths to take the spring out of our curls.

Rhonda rocked these beautiful Victorian looking boots......

.....oh man, I want a pair of these boots.

We visited Casa Bella....a pretty new shop in the Old Courthouse Shops...and Rhonda fell in love with this black coat.  Oh yeah, it went home with her.
....and I fell in love with this beauty....which might have gone home with me...

if it would have fit.  It looked great from the FRONT...and that's all I'm going to say about it....if you read my blog fairly regularly, you can probably figure out the rest ;)

Beautiful lace detail on Rhonda's new's breathtaking in person.

Rhonda got arrested by the fashion police....

...or at least that's the reason SHE gives.....'s my retro look....

.....and these shoes are the finishing touch...

After all the shopping fun...we moved on to the Goodwill store and found what we call
                                                              RHONDA'S REJECTS about this baby....

...or this one?


.....or this?  Aren't they sooooo prrreeetttyyy?

Here we go.....

Yep, its LADY COOL.

its so hard to choose.....

but perhaps this?

...the truth is, that I was tormenting Rhonda with those terrible pieces; I kept telling her I found THE item for she brought me THE skirt....she didn't quite expect me to slip it on in the store.  Isn't is hot?  
So now you blog title isn't for nothing....
We laughed so hard we were practically in tears......

Its been said that laughter adds years to your life; today we added many years to our lives....and I hope to yours too.....

Although we are silly, we are both serious about our work.  Rhonda works as a primitives/ folk artist.  Her business Kattywhompus Primitives is on Etsy.  She has a lovely little blog and she follows my blog.  Rhonda does beautiful, meticulous work and I hope you will take a peek around her shop.

here's a beautiful example of Rhonda's work.....

We did indulge in quite a bit of silliness.....but we also found some thrifted treasures.

This dress is so much prettier in person; its perfect for a Tango routine I'm planning.

The hem is high/low, the fabric is chiffon.

and it has these pretty, sparkly embellishments on the should straps. 

I'm so excited about this simple dress.  The Vivienne Files blog posted a capsule featuring a simple grey dress in many different iterations; I found the perfect dress to recreate her ideas.

Ann Taylor top; $5.00.   I'm looking forward to wearing this with a black pencil skirt or black trousers.

I've wanted a vest like this for quite some time.  $3.00.  I wanted a warm layering piece for the cold weather.  The color is actually a very rich sea green.

There was so much more.
Oh yeah...I did over reward a bit.  But I only purchased beautiful, quality, classic pieces that I can rotate through my wardrobe or dance in.
Some things not pictured:
Deep navy velvet floor length formal dress $5.00
Brita filtered water pitcher, $1.50, crystal clear and looks brand new
Winter coat in pristine condition $13.00
Navy blue Rafaella Modern Fit Trousers, $4.00; brand new with tags!

It think thrift in trips will be limited to once a month.
I hope my next thrift marathon will be with Rhonda.
It was productive, it was fun.

Thanks for reading....have a wonderful weekend.

I'll be dancing......