Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Night at the Ballroom

A Night at the Ballroom

This dress is a bit different than the silver dress that I thrifted recently, but I wanted to style a silver dress because that's what I am planning wear to the big show that my friend Karen and I are attending at the Windy City Open Ballroom Championships in September.    

It's much prettier in person!
I will be wearing this dress to spectate.  It's much prettier in person....the fabric is a pretty soft metallic has a nice drape...I love it!  I will style it in the same way as I did the dress pictured above this one.

My dance friend Karen and I will be watching one of the greatest contemporary Latin Ballroom champions  (Yulia) perform at the BIG professional show that always takes place at the end of these gala four day events.

She is so amazing!

I will be a spectator for the pro show; but I will be competing in the earlier part of the day as the amateur part of a pro-am couple with my coach, Marcel Gonzales; director of Valparaiso Ballroom.

These are the dresses I will be wearing for the competition:

This dress is what I wear to dance American Smooth      The hot pink dress is a Dore' dress that I purchased used from a dancer friend.

I have since had the fingers cut off if the gloves to make them into gauntlets!

My International Standard style gown
This is my favorite gown.  I will be purchasing another gown from this dressmaker at the Windy City comp if she is there this year.  She has at least a hundred beautiful gowns to choose was hard choosing my dress last year; but this green one really stood out and it fit me perfectly; not one alteration was needed!
This year, I will wear my hair up a little higher and off of my neck to showcase my posture.  
This is helmet hair!  Super sprayed and it does not move..this is very tidy ballroom hair

Arm gauntlets and an attached float for International Standard style
For the actual competition, I will be wearing each of my two gowns.

I have two months to prepare.  I haven't competed since February...and I'm rusty.  I've been doing quite a bit of social dancing, but it's not the same; it doesn't prepare you for the challenging rounds of dances that competitors participate in.

Social dances are just fun weekend activities where dancers get together and dance, act silly and have fun hanging out with fellow dance friends, like this:

The dance floor at Gotta Dance, one of my favorite place to social dance, lit up for July 4th!

Karen; a wonderful friend and Latin dance competitor...she's a  GREAT dancer...her instructor is Ruldopho, is pictured below with his pro partner.

 My lovelies

One of my favorite social dance Waltz, Tango and Viennese Waltz partners, Rob!

These pictures are taken at Friday's dance party at Gotta Dance.  This is one of the studios where I attend social dance parties.  It's always a fun filled dance evening there.

The couple below; Jessica Sartori Wharton and Rudolpho Blanquicette are professional Latin competitors who are Rising Star Champions.  They both teach at Gotta Dance...and attend the Friday night parties.  They are both very talented dancers and truly NICE people.  Jessica is 'Hollywood Glamour' pretty like Marilyn Monroe or Liz Taylor and very sweet.  Rudolpho is a true entertainer on and off the floor.

There are always competitions every month at one venue or another and Jessica and Rudolpho can often be seen competing at the professional level across the United States.

Their next competition is going to be the Twin Cities Open this month!

If you are in that area and you enjoy ballroom, or are just looking for something different and fun to do....consider attending the competition to cheer on Jessica and Rudolpho!

Ballroom comps are great fun; there is more sparkle and flash than you can imagine, and the dancing is so much more fun to watch in person.  Imagine watching the dancers fly past while you are seated at a table that is within inches of the floor!

I'm sure you have all heard enough of my ballroom obsession...

As we begin the Holiday week, I wish all of you well and stay safe!


  1. Is this dress silver? It is swoonworthy!

  2. It is silver! may be more platinum...but it's a lovely dress!

    Terri, I am constantly swooning over dresses...especially all of the ball gowns at the competitions as well as the formal dresses worn to spectate!

  3. How exciting!!!!!!! I can't wait to you see the pictures.

  4. Natasha, competitions are very exciting, fun and a bit nerve wracking! I will be sure to share pictures; I'm planning on getting lots of action shots of other competitors, the dresses (one of my favorite things!) and all the glamour.

  5. Good for you for following your passion!! I wish you all the best and I too look forward to the pictures. Your dresses are stunning and must be so much fun to wear and then you get to dance in them as well. How GREAT is that!!!!!

  6. Angele,

    It is fun to wear these great dresses! I highly recommend it and hope that my passion inspires others to go out and dance...or do anything else they are passionate about!


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