Sunday, July 8, 2012


noun, plural frip·per·ies.
finery in dress, especially when showy, gaudy, or the like.
empty display; ostentation.
gewgaws; trifles.

As I mentioned in my previous post, my hubby took me *willingly* to thrift shop yesterday.   He seemed to actually enjoy helping me choose some lovely frippery to add to my collection.  I believe he likes seeing me around the house in pretty things rather than the worn out workout clothes that have been retired into nightwear.  In fact, I did doff those things in exchange for the pretties.

It was half price day at Goodwill yesterday.  They always have an additional half price day after the holiday.  I didn't know this until yesterday!

The feminine detail on this captured my heart.

and the girly pink on this is precious.At half price, these slips were 50 cents!  50 CENTS!!!  
Who can resist a little Marilyn?  

This is the icing on the cake....This is a Nicole Miller Collection dress.  It's 100% silk.  Before the shopping trip, my hubby asked me not to buy any more dresses.  He changed his mind when I found this.  It was marked $9.00 at this quaint little church sponsored thrift store.  They were running '30% off clothing' sale...this dress was $6.00

There are a few minor adjustments that need to be made.  The neckline is very plunging, but I will address that in the same manner that plunging ballroom dresses are adjusted....I will use some special dance power mesh in a nude color and place some Swarovski crystals on the mesh insert.  There are NO bra cups in this, so I will need to add some and I would like to change the halter top ties to a clip or snaps. The dress fits everywhere, but is perhaps a tiny bit long.  It has a tiny train in the back and I love it.

It's a beauty.  When I saw the movie Burlesque last year, I fell in love with the movie's visual beauty.  The costumes were breathtaking.  I was in color/sparkle/pearl/ruffle/lace ecstasy.  The most stunning outfit in the movie was a luminous green dress worn by Christina Aguilera during a torch love song she sang.  I vowed to find a dress that DID!  In my pictures the dress looks more apple green, but it really is the color of the dress in this video.

Warning:  This is the video clip from the movie and there is a bit of partial male nudity.  It's a bit risqué but romantic in context to the movie.  The dress, the theme and the song make me a bit weepy.  This scene in the movie was pure sensory overload for me!

Here's a picture of the dress:

Isn't her dress striking?  I can't get over its loveliness and I'm practically giddy over finding a dress in the same color!  
Happy dance, happy dance, happy dance!


  1. Oh, oh, oh--the green dress is marvelous. And so is the "marilyn" dress. I knew that wearing slips and fabulous nighties would bring the husband around.

  2. Yes, Terri you were correct about that! It did.

    I'm so tickled to have found the green dress. I need to get the bra cups into it ASAP! I want to wear it after my competition in September to watch the professional show. It's also VERRRRYYY plunging in the front and I can't show that much skin comfortable. I will put an insert into it and I think it will be good. I just love it.

  3. I love all the lovely frippery you found. That dress is fabulous! What a glorious colour.

    Great scores, Lisa!

    1. Thank you....after viewing your appears that we both had productive thrifting experiences!

      I can't get over that I found that dress in my size and in the color that I had been longing for. I'm feeling very impatient to get it to the seamstress to make the plunging neckline a lot less plunging!

  4. I love the lace on that slip, I usually try to stay away from thrift stores during sale days because there are so many people, children running around and clothes all over the floor, I don't mind paying a bit more f it's going to be peaceful and clean, plus I always look forward to the days after the sales when they bring out more new stuff. =D

    1. Shey...and it was busy too...just as you describe. I did go later in the day, which seemed to be a bit better. I think everyone tries to get there early to find the good stuff. Even at 'full price'..the stuff is usually a steal. Can't beat slips for a dollar!

      I'm looking forward to going back this week to see if there are new things out! I've been favoring slips and little silky things lately!

  5. I am amazed at your Nicole Miller dress !
    what a find !

    1. Lorena.....I'm not sure how I got so lucky to find this dress...but I'm happy it's hanging in my closet. I can't wait to get it hemmed and to get an insert at the neckline so it doesn't plunge so deeply! It seriously plunges to my sternum!

  6. may I know how and where you found this green dress? I would like to surprise my daughter with that - thks


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