Saturday, July 21, 2012

Running Tired in a Mischievous Little Red Dress

Friday night's party and after party left me feeling REALLY tired today. The after party ended around 2 and when I arrived home, I had to read for a little bit to prepare for sleep.  I just can't HANG like I used to!  I don't drink, smoke or drink coffee....but I felt like I had a hangover.  I did;  I call it a DANCE HANGOVER.  That's the overtired, low energy, dehydrated feeling I sometimes get the day after a dance if I don't drink enough water or eat well BEFORE the night begins.  Dance parties are busy events and sometimes ladies will be asked to dance one dance after another without a water break; this can lead to slight dehydration, especially if you are dancing hard and sweating.
It's a sweet dance hangover as far as those things go...but I don't enjoy the dragging energy.
All day today, I experienced the requisite dance hangover but had another dance party to go to tonight, so I needed to banish that feeling quickly.

To perk up before the party, I downed a beef, cheddar and bacon sandwich from Arby's. I don't usually eat read meant...but my body was craving it.  It was worth it to restore my dance energy. All I needed to recharge was that protein and carbs and some dance music.

I think my overtired state of the day and little red dress caused my little streak of mischievousness to appear.  By the time I was dancing, there was no more dance hangover and I was on a naughty roll.

Bear in mind, that when I say naughty and mischievous, I'm not referring to behavior that disrespects anyone......I'm just a little bad--encouraging other dancers to be a little crazy on the dance floor....shouting cat calls at my dancer pals.  And of course...Marcel's favorite, de-wedging on the dance floor.  You know..there is a special little discreet wedgie dance you do to release your booty to freedom from the wedgie bunched undies.  Marcel hates this.  So if we are preparing dancing on the floor...I sometimes do a little exaggerated wedgie dance as we step onto the floor.  And of course, the wedgie dance can be exaggerated;)

I was in fine form tonight.  I blame it on the mischievous red dress.  It was a fun party.

By the way... I wasn't exaggerating about the dangerous curves....
This is it...the mischievous little red dress.
Merona: Target fishnets
Shoes: Galena by Sofft
And my favorite peep toe shoes and fishnets.  I love fishnets; they add color and shapeliness and provide a barrier inside the shoe.  Many fishnets hurt to wear; they can dig into your toes and flesh and leave the fishnet patter imprinted on your legs.  Not these; they are super soft and very durable.  I love them.

Goodnight lovelies...I'm off to bed to dream about dance.  By the WAS the red dress!


  1. Wish I could find some fishnets like that.
    I love red anyway but seeing this dress on you makes me love it even more. Fabulous choice.

    1. I will try to find a link for you. There is a brand you can google called 'Joanna Trojer' and they are also very soft and comfortable. There are some that are just hard and stiff and cut into your skiing...but I've worn the brand I suggested and they are very nice. I'll look for a link for you.


      Here are some links to possible sources. The Joanna Trojer fishnets are pricy, but they will last through washing after washing. I have had a couple of pairs for about 4 years and I wear them and wash them often.

  2. Adorable dress and it shoes your curves in the most flattering way possible. You look great !

    My Blog - A Pretty Nest

    1. Hi Marie-Eve; thank you for checking out my blog. I took a minute to look at yours, too and it's lovely; you have great style.

  3. Oh, now I want to see video of the wedgie dance Marcel hates! You look marvelous in the beautiful red dress! And here's hoping you don't have a dance hangover again tomorrow.

    1. LOL, Terri!

      I most definitely DID have a dance hangover today...more so than yesterday's. I really can't hang.


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