Saturday, July 21, 2012

Black Tie Dance Party

Tonight, I went to the anniversary party of dance studio that I used to take my lessons at.  The invitation read "formal attire strongly encouraged, black tie optional".  The theme of the party was "Hollywood", so I decided to try an old Hollywood glamour look.

This is supposed to be 'old Hollywood glamour' make up.  I watched a you tube video to accomplish this.  I'm pretty happy with it, but I don't think it screams "40's screen star".  I did like it though!

I also watched a your tube video on how to achieve long finger waves ala "1940's silver screen" hair.  In this picture; Its pinned up after the big the curls hold their shape. I waited until I was dressed to take the pins out and place the curls.

This is the final look.  This dress, by the way was a thrifted dress....

it's the one I tried on backwards, but bought anyway, thinking I could fix the super plunging neckline.  See how it plunges in the back? I thought that was the front....until I washed it and saw the darts when I hung it!  You can see the lovely tie which I though would be in the front.  I am glad I figured it looks much better the right way.

Arm party!

Brighton necklace

Earrings; J.B. Robinson Jewelers
Tiny rhinestone balls.....

Do you notice how my pup is staring at me...he constantly stares at me.  My oldest son is  working out in the hallway.  He wasn't supposed to be in the picture.
Oh, by the way...this is what I wore to bum around the house and get ready for the party.  My hair has been curled and is up in pins until I'm ready to get dressed.  Peyton, my 7 year old son/photographer said he will quite taking pictures if I don't start letting him take some funny pictures.

The party was a blast!  Lots of dancing and joy happening.  There was also a fun after party at the club next door to the studio.  
Don't you love this butt lineup picture of the guys?
A couple of the guys were lined up at the table like this and I jokingly said I should get a butt shot pic for my blog.  I pulled out my camera..NOT intending to take a pic...but then four of the other guys jumped right in front of my camera.....I had to do the butt shot.  
Hats off to you, boys!

Hope its a great weekend for everyone....


  1. Oh what fun!! I can't believe you found that lovely dress in a thrift shop. Your makeup is awesome!!!

    1. Thank you, Joanna for your sweet comments! It took me a looonnggg time to do that makeup!

      I was so thrilled to find that dress. I've had very good luck finding dresses in thrift shops...I love dresses!

  2. You look gorgeous in your thrifted vintage looking dress!!! And the accessories you chose work perfectly with it! Your pup is so cute. haha My dog stares at me only when I'm in the kitchen. I think he thinks I am working magic in there. ;)
    ´*•.¸(´*•.¸ * ¸.•*´)¸.•*´
    ¸.•*´(¸.•*´ * ´*•.¸)´*•.¸

    1. Thanks Joni....I feel very fortunate to have found a few beautiful gowns at the thrift site that were in perfect condition and needed no alterations to fit.
      It's funny how you can look forever in the stores and never find anything that works, but you go thrifting and you find several. It's like a cosmic thank you for being thrifty and eco-friendly. (Oh, I might have to post that last spontaneous statement!)

      My pup is a sweetheart but I call him my stalker!

      I like the embellishment in your did you do that?

  3. What a fun party! You look gorgeous - I love the eyeliner and the big curls. Good thing you figured out your dress! That would have been quite the neckline!

    1. Thank you, Sheila, for the compliment. I had a great time...I love my dance parties.

      I would have made a big splash with the plunging neckline...definitely not the splash that I want to make though!


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