Saturday, May 26, 2012

The White Jean Dilemma

The White Jean Dilemma

When you are curvy wearing white jeans may seem impossible.  I do wear white jeans, but usually have to try on many different pairs to find one that works.  There are white jeans made for ladies with bold curves.  Levi's makes a bold curve jean that works for me. I choose a slight thicker cut fabric so that nothing is showing through and I always, always wear a boot cut.  I wish that I could wear the slim leg jeans that look so great on other ladies...but to be honest, when I wear them, I look like a grape on a toothpick.  I love that most of the tops pictured here nip in at the waist a bit.  That creates a beautiful hourglass shape that compliments and balances our curvy or pear shaped bodies.  One pair of perfect fitting, well cut white jeans can be the best investment of for a summer wardrobe.


  1. I have gained a lot of weight this past year and I have a tough time finding 'trendy' jeans,too. I just finally found a Liz Claiborne pair that fits great. Now what to wear on top is the new question! (big boob and tummy). Any tips other than black?

  2. Reva...
    My tummy is bigger this year too...the lovely onset of the 50's..not much fun. One problem that I find is pants that ride too low. Higher waisted pants give us smoother tummies. They don't have to be 1970's high waisted (up to our boobs!)...but these super short rise pants with the 2 inch zipper don't work on most people and create spillover, aka "muffin top". Some jeans have contoured waistbands that are higher in back and slightly lower in the front and seem to work for me, keeping all of that jiggly stuff somewhat contained.
    I am a big fan of grey...which I think also minimizes if the top is nipped in at the waist. Ruching is our friend too. Stripes and prints work well to hide a bit of tummy.....but I'm not a huge fan of print. I prefer abstract print..not big splash bold prints. Abstract prints trick the eye into not focusing on a specific body part we might want to hide. No baby doll tops for me! Nope; I was asked last summer when my baby was due while wearing the cutest dress. I didn't think it looked maternity, but if even one person does; then I'm done with it. Tops with subtle lace are great for camouflaging the tummy. In several of my posts, I included an ivory lace top that skims the curves and minimizes the belly. I have a much more affordable version of that top, almost identical. I wear it as is or I belt it. Another trick that works well for me is to layer several longish chain necklaces or wear a long scarf.
    The yellow top in this post is super creates such a beautiful curvy shape. I have a similar red top and it makes my tum-tum virtually invisible.


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