Thursday, May 17, 2012

Glamour overload...attending ballroom competition post comp events

I compete on the Pro-Am ballroom circuit as an amateur ballroom dancer.  "Pro-Am" means that I compete with my wonderful instructor, Marcel.  The Pro-Am circuit is HUGE and there are competitions nearly every weekend all over the U.S. and abroad.  I think my next comps will be the Windy City challenge in Chicago in September and the big one...The Ohio Star Ball in November.

There are many parties, dinners and pro shows post comp that many of the competitors and pros attend.  Generally, very formal or even black tie attire is preferred.  I love the opportunity to go all out and glamorous for these events.

When I was a teen I was a scrawny, awkward, slightly tomboyish kid.  I never attended a prom or school dance.  I am far from scrawny or awkward now and I am full out girly girl.  Dressing up for these glitzy ballroom extravaganzas more than makes up for missing out on high school dances!  All the fun and glamour without the pressure!

I chose this lovely taupe/platinum dress because I think it will really stand out amid a sea of black and jewel tone dresses.  When competing, dancers usually wear specially designed dresses in vibrant, extremely bright colors with thousands of crystal stones.  This is to
stand out on the floor, grab the judges attention and to contrast with the partner's black tuxedo. At the post comp events, many women choose black gowns.  This one is an eye grabber.  I can't afford this particular gown, but I'm sure I can find a similar substitute.  I love the clean lines, the subtle sophistication, the luminous fabric and the figure flattering cut.  It's on my radar..let the hunt begin.

I think my next comp will be the Windy City Open in Chicago in September; and then the Ohio Star Ball (nation's biggest comp)  in November.  I hope to have an outstanding gown like this for the special events.

I will also be looking to purchase another competition gown.  At the Ohio comp...every ballroom dress designer is there......and there is more sparkle than one can ever imagine.  I'm very much looking forward to the diva time!
A night out; watching the Ballroom pro's compete

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