Monday, May 14, 2012

Shopping in Neutrals

I love neutrals.  I know the trend toward color and pattern mixing is hot now, but neutrals are my go-to. I like POPS of color, but I just haven't been able to embrace the color blast.   Today, I am wearing a variation of this outfit, minus the hat, and I feel very "French chic".  

I am hoping to get some photos of my outfits this weekend, and to post photos of my Goodwill haul.  I have been enlisting my hubby to take photos and let's just say he's not all that into it.

Today, I'm just running errands.  I have an entire month off before I have to return to school and work.  I enjoy not begin on a schedule and having my days to do as I please, but by the end of the week, I know I will be itching to go back.  At the end of every semester I can't wait to be done, and then I feel restless unproductive in short order.  I will be planning the class I begin teaching in June and I have some meetings to attend, so I will be somewhat productive.
Shopping in Neutrals

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