Tuesday, May 15, 2012

These are just a few of the things I purchased on my first trip to Goodwill.  I was pleasantly surprised at the good condition of the clothing at this particular Goodwill and the brand names that I found.  
I'm in the process of refining my wardrobe and trying to stick to some basics that can be the core of a capsule.  I really want to embrace a capsule wardrobe philosophy.  I believe it will minimize my "what to wear" frustration.  I'm sticking to neutrals, with a base of black, white, cream, grey and brown.  This doesn't mean I won't have some color in my wardrobe; I intend to work in some of the color pieces that I already own.  I'm also drooling over the color lavender right now and want to find a perfect top that I can pair with my neutrals.  
I'm so excited to have found all of these lovely pieces and to have expanded my clothing purchasing options to include thrifting. It's a new concept to me and I'm glad that I finally accepted it!

                                                           Express sweater

                                                        Evan Picone button down

Gap denim jacket!  I have been searching for the perfect denim jacket for two years, and I finally found it for $5.00!

 Ralph Lauren dress...so versatile

Nine West Coat; faux fur trim

                                                            Pretty embroidered trim detail

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