Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Ballroom Dresses....

I'm posting these pictures of my ballroom competition dresses for two reasons;
1.  I want to have a photographic inventory that I can use for insurance purposes.  If anything every happens to the dresses and my computer....I will now have proof of owning these dresses.
2.  They are beautiful dresses; I love them and want to share the intricacy of the stone work and the loveliness of the colors, the fullness and floatiness.  The dresses make me feel like a princess and help me to get into the role of ballroom dancer.  
Ballroom dresses are specially constructed to allow freedom of movement and yet stay in place on the body.  They body is usually lycra because it moves with the body and doesn't gap.  It has stretchiness, but it retains it's original shape.  Ballroom dresses also have built in bodysuits so that they don't ride up when dancing and for modesty when doing kicks or moves that cause the skirt to lift.

This American Smooth dress is made by Dore'  It has silk chiffon godets and crystal AB Swarovski stones; Rose stones.  It has detachable floats so that it can also be used for International Standard.

The gloves, bracelets and armbands

Hair pieces worn during competition. My hair was done by a fabulous ballroom hairdresser, Nikki.  She is a ballroom hair goddess and I will cry if she stops sharing her talent.

This dress, by Isabella Jaworska is used for International Standard style ballroom dance.  It has floats on the arm gauntlets and matching armbands.  There is also a Swarovski crystal necklace and teardrop earrings.
Have I mentioned that I love ballroom dance?


  1. Those dresses are absolutely stunning! Next up is to one day see a video of you dancing! :)

  2. Someday I will post a video. They are hard to get; comps don't allow spectators to video because paid videographers are there and want to make their money! The purchased videos are VERY expensive and sometimes quality is not great. I intend to find a way to get some footage!

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  5. I always adore ballroom dance costumes, they are so beautiful and feminine.

    1. Hi Olga.....I love them too and its so fun to wear them.

  6. I've just found my perfect ballroom dresses here!


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