Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lisa and Rhonda's day: A cousin's date (lunch, thrifting and silliness)

Warning:  Lots of pictures here! Perhaps a few that shouldn't be here :)

Today was Lisa and Rhonda day.  Rhonda is my cousin.  We are a year apart and spent quite a bit of time together at my Grandparents house when we were young.

We read Tiger Beat magazine...drooled over all the adorable teen celebrity boys. I really thought I was going to marry David Cassidy and I'm quite upset that he never even gave me a chance.
We lamented our very curly hair.
Rhonda still laments hers; I lament that my curls are not as curly as they were before I gave birth to Peyton.
Rhonda hung out with Beulah (our lovely, talented, sweet and domestic grandmother) all the time; she learned to cook and sew and craft and quilt.
Rhonda got all the crafty talent from Grandma.  She married her high school sweetheart at a very tender age.
I started working when I was 14 and participated in all the high school plays and musicals
We were moving in very different directions and lost touch for so many years.
About a year and half ago, we reconnected via Facebook and have spent some quality time renewing our cousinship.
Its been so much fun.
Today, we had a cousin date, doing one of our favorite activities; thrifting.
We had lunch at our favorite little retro-style ice cream and sandwich shop, What's the Scoop.  Since WTS is retro-style, we decided to dress a bit retro-style.  This brown dress has a very 50's housewife look......

After lunch, we walked over to a sweet little church operated resale shop.  This place has some of the best treasures at unbelievable prices.
On the way there, I couldn't resist this huge leaf pile.......

This is Rhonda as a young girl....

and this is me (dork city) you can see, we both went to great lengths to take the spring out of our curls.

Rhonda rocked these beautiful Victorian looking boots......

.....oh man, I want a pair of these boots.

We visited Casa Bella....a pretty new shop in the Old Courthouse Shops...and Rhonda fell in love with this black coat.  Oh yeah, it went home with her.
....and I fell in love with this beauty....which might have gone home with me...

if it would have fit.  It looked great from the FRONT...and that's all I'm going to say about it....if you read my blog fairly regularly, you can probably figure out the rest ;)

Beautiful lace detail on Rhonda's new's breathtaking in person.

Rhonda got arrested by the fashion police....

...or at least that's the reason SHE gives.....'s my retro look....

.....and these shoes are the finishing touch...

After all the shopping fun...we moved on to the Goodwill store and found what we call
                                                              RHONDA'S REJECTS about this baby....

...or this one?


.....or this?  Aren't they sooooo prrreeetttyyy?

Here we go.....

Yep, its LADY COOL.

its so hard to choose.....

but perhaps this?

...the truth is, that I was tormenting Rhonda with those terrible pieces; I kept telling her I found THE item for she brought me THE skirt....she didn't quite expect me to slip it on in the store.  Isn't is hot?  
So now you blog title isn't for nothing....
We laughed so hard we were practically in tears......

Its been said that laughter adds years to your life; today we added many years to our lives....and I hope to yours too.....

Although we are silly, we are both serious about our work.  Rhonda works as a primitives/ folk artist.  Her business Kattywhompus Primitives is on Etsy.  She has a lovely little blog and she follows my blog.  Rhonda does beautiful, meticulous work and I hope you will take a peek around her shop.

here's a beautiful example of Rhonda's work.....

We did indulge in quite a bit of silliness.....but we also found some thrifted treasures.

This dress is so much prettier in person; its perfect for a Tango routine I'm planning.

The hem is high/low, the fabric is chiffon.

and it has these pretty, sparkly embellishments on the should straps. 

I'm so excited about this simple dress.  The Vivienne Files blog posted a capsule featuring a simple grey dress in many different iterations; I found the perfect dress to recreate her ideas.

Ann Taylor top; $5.00.   I'm looking forward to wearing this with a black pencil skirt or black trousers.

I've wanted a vest like this for quite some time.  $3.00.  I wanted a warm layering piece for the cold weather.  The color is actually a very rich sea green.

There was so much more.
Oh yeah...I did over reward a bit.  But I only purchased beautiful, quality, classic pieces that I can rotate through my wardrobe or dance in.
Some things not pictured:
Deep navy velvet floor length formal dress $5.00
Brita filtered water pitcher, $1.50, crystal clear and looks brand new
Winter coat in pristine condition $13.00
Navy blue Rafaella Modern Fit Trousers, $4.00; brand new with tags!

It think thrift in trips will be limited to once a month.
I hope my next thrift marathon will be with Rhonda.
It was productive, it was fun.

Thanks for reading....have a wonderful weekend.

I'll be dancing......



  1. A day out like this can really lift the spirits!! What fun ! Xx

  2. What a wonderful post - it looks like a brilliant day out. I love that yellow coat.

    1. It was warm and sunny......
      I adore that yellow coat and I wish the backside would have flattered me as well as the front side!

  3. What a thoroughly awesome day out! You're so lucky to have a cousin that you're close with. I have a few first cousins, but am older than all of them and we've never lived very nearby to one another, so as a result we're not overly close (perhaps when they're a bit older we'll be - hopefully).

    I just adore your dress and those vintage appropriate shoes. They're FABULOUS!!! (That's right, caps worthy fab! :D)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica. I like that term....."vintage worthy". What a perfect way to describe pseudo-vintage pieces!

      I'm very lucky....Rhonda and I reconnected after so many years to not being in touch and its been so much fun...and honestly, very mutually therapeutic!

  4. So glad you two could reconnect and renew your cousinship! It looks like you had a great day! Laughter is the best medicine :) Have a great weekend!

    1. I am too Heather! We did have a great time and we laughed all day.


  5. Great post!!

    Wow loving this too much :) :)



  6. It sound like a lot of fun! It made me smile too! I just recently had a lot of fun with the H&M site (you can buy online in Sweden), and tomorrow I am going to pick it up! Can't wait!

    1. Its always exciting to shop and get some new pretty things! Hope all of your H&M purchases make you smile; can't wait to see them posted.

  7. Sounds like it was a fabulous day--and that skirt she found you made ME laugh out loud, not once, but twice! I love the nerd photo and you may have inspired me to dig mine up from a similar age. Love that mustard coat.

    1. Terri.........I think we should facilitate a 'nerd photo' challenge...what do you think?
      I love the mustard coat too. It was so gorgeous, but has a split tail in the back. On my booty it looks like a sticks out like a huge, awkward bustle. Too bad because everything else about the coat is gorgeous.
      I'm glad you enjoyed the skirt. Rhonda and I were being pretty 'smartassy' to one another during the entire Goodwill adventure, picking the ugliest pieces and saying we had found the perfect piece for the she picked the topper of them all; that skirt. She didn't expect me to pull it on over my dress right in the middle of the store! We were cackling like a couple of hens.

  8. You had a fabulous day out with Rhonda Lisa! Love that coat....looking forward to seeing you wear it in a future post:)

    1. Thanks, Anne....I did have a wonderful day!

  9. You just described my perfect day; laughter, food, and thrifting. Sounds like you found some treasures too!! I have to confess that I thought the skirt was more sexy than silly. I guess it's part of the "you always want what you don't have" syndrome. Where I live, you got the right stuff!!

    I also want to thank you for your wonderful comments on Dross. They meant a lot, especially when you said something about "dessert". I feel the same way about my favorites. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!!!

    1. Thanks, Jean.....

      Oh the skirt...we had such a good laugh over it. Oh, my.

  10. Sounds like a good, fun day! I did a little consignment shopping myself today, but will wait until they are back from getting altered before I post my new babies!

    I really love your retro dress and shoes today!

    1. Thank you...looking forward to seeing your new treasures!

  11. Cousins are the best, I keep trying to convince mine that she needs to move back up here so we can hang out and our kiddos can play together. (Alas, she's having none of this cold weather!) That's so special that you ended up rekindling your relationship with your cousin, cousins are so special, they're like sisters that don't steal your clothes and hog the bathroom. :)

    You two look like you had the best time at the thrift stores, it's always more fun going with someone who really gets into the fun of it. (That Lady Cool shirt was pretty killer!)
    That quilted vest is so lovely, I've been thinking about one of those for a while and I'm really excited to see how you style it!

    1. We did have a good time, Katie. Rhonda said to me that she was happy to have someone who can do marathon thrifts like she does. And it was a marathon.

      I thought the Lady Cool was so funny! We got a good laugh out of it!

      I like the quilted vest because it has that outdoorsy look...I just wanted something that I could put some layers under and maybe a thick cardi or light jacket over and still be warm without a coat. I plan to mix it with neutrals.

  12. What a fabulous day...........I am so jealous, and wanna go next time! I think I need to plan an out of town thrifting date with my friend,we love it too!

    1. Hi Linda......hopefully you will have a girl's fun day soon!


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