Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tomorrow is the Big Day!!!!!

Tomorrow is the big comp day.  I am going to try to take lots of pictures for the photo journal I want to share with you.

I'm packed, I did a trial run of my makeup.  I had two hours of practice today.  I'm going to do about 15 minutes of practice tonight, take a hot bath and try to go to bed early.

I'll need to be up at 5 a.m. to get my makeup on, do some last minute prep and drop my son off at school.  I'll be picking up a fellow dancer to ride with me into Chicago.  
I'll have a pro do my ballroom hair and begin competing at 11:30.  I will dance for about an hour....(not continuous) and then I have a HUGE, LONG BREAK until I dance at 7 p.m.!  I don't have a room at the hotel where the competition is I will have to find a little nook where I can hide and relax!  
Maybe I will have to bring my Kindle Fire....this is a looonnnnggggg break. 

I'm bringing my own water and snacks in a mini cooler because hotel prices for those items are sky high!  I hope my energy will remain high throughout the break and during my later dances.

I'll be carrying all of my things (touch up makeup, small camera, kindle, dance shoes, accessories, jacket, wrap and other goodies) in one very small wheeled suitcase and a small evening bag. My competition dress...which is voluminous on the bottom, will even be in a garment bag inside my suitcase.  It works with this dress because the fabric is very resilient....It can be neatly rolled into a small bag and just POP back into shape wrinkle free!!!   I hope I have this down to a very efficient routine.

Competing is very enjoyable, but it is hard work!

Soon I will be in full rest mode and channeling Ginger.

See you after the comp!


  1. Lisa--I'm wishing you the best of luck with this competition. And I hope you're dreaming of Fred and Ginger tonight.

  2. Wow - it sounds like a full time job. Can't wait to see the pics. Good Luck.
    Jane X

  3. oh how exciting - go for it and cant wait to hear all about how it went! X

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Here's wishing you all the best ... hope you have more energy than needed and that all your moves are even more graceful and fluid than you wished them to be.

    Looking forward to seeing your photos and hearing how it well.


  5. Good Luck! I will hold my thumbs for you (that is the way we cross our fingers in Sweden)!

  6. I hope you have an amazing time, and best of luck! steal the show!
    Chic on the Cheap

  7. Good luck! Can't wait to see photos


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