Monday, December 20, 2010

It's been awhile

I began this blog in 2008 before I leaped back into the world of work and school. I really didn't put too much time or energy into blogging...but now that I am a little better aquainted with the world of blogging, I'm ready to get started again.
The direction of this blog will change to reflect interests that are more prominent in my life now. Primarily, my blog will be aimed toward women who struggled to dress their curvy bodies. This is something I have struggle with for years...I am a pear shape. An EXTREME pear....let me just say it....I have a big butt. I have suffered from body image issues as this very noticeable feature made it difficult for me to find clothing that fit and flattered my shape. Pants that fit my hips gap at the waist. My hip/waist ratio is more than 10 inches. I am short waisted, but I have long legs. I am short (5'1")and store clerks always point me to the petite department...but with my long legs...petite pants are too short! I am small suprlice style tops often sag at the bust....there are so many little issues in selecting flattering clothing that shopping was always an exercise in frustration. On this blog I will be featuring photos the outfits that work for my body shape. I will review particular items and will tell you where to find the things that work for me.
I am also a ballroom dance afficianado and will post about my ballroom adventures and ballroom fashion. Right now...I'm off to pick up my beautiful hot pink ballroom competition gown from the seamstress. She is altering it to fit my unique body shape..and I can't wait to try it on. I will be posting pictures soon.
I hope to have this site up and running soon with pictures and ideas. Until next time....happiness and joy to all!

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