Saturday, May 25, 2013

Job training in Indianapolis

 I'm home for a week!
I will be training at my home county and then will return to Indy for two weeks.
I didn't really get any outfit pictures; I was just so busy and don't have my precious Peyton with me to take photos.  Once I get all of this travel/packing and learning down to a science I will get back to regular blogging, but I will be a bit out of the picture for short time.  I'll try to get a few while I'm there. Until then, I'm still peeking at your blogs, commenting and enjoying them.  Hope you don't forget about me!

Indianapolis is our state Capitol and its just beautiful.  I would move there in a minute if the opportunity arose.
After I arrived at the hotel on Sunday night, I just settle in to relax for the big first day of the new job on Monday.  This corridor is where I took my first steps onto the state court buildings to begin my training....the corridor goes on and on....for what seems like forever.

The state Capitol building.

Indy is full of beautiful architecture; I fell in love with this walk way between buildings.

Inside the state Capitol building.  I felt so official and so small.  It's difficult to describe the visceral feelings I was experiencing about being in this place and what it means to start of my career as a new government employee.

A pay phone booth inside the state Capitol building.  I haven't seen one of these in twenty years!

Walking down the marble steps of the Capitol after being sworn in.

I couldn't resist taking this picture of the ornate doors through which the new cohort of trainees entered the Capitol for the swearing in ceremony.

I tried to eat really well and didn't hesitate to have a delicious salad for nearly every meal!  

Isn't this gorgeous?  Behind it lies the elevator to one of the training sites.  I didn't take the elevator though....I took the four flights of stairs every time.  I just knew that I had to get past my desire to eat rich foods and enjoy this work trip like it was a vacation...

A weekend memorial day ceremony to honor fallen soldiers....
On our Friday lunch break, we walked to the Monument Circle for lunch and enjoyed this opportunity to pay respects to the men and women who believe in our country and maintaining its freedoms.

Training went well.  I enjoyed learning all the new aspects of the new job and exploring Indy.  I've fallen in love with this city.
I'm looking forward to going back in June.


  1. Wow I did not know that there is such beautiful architecture in Indianapolis, and I did not know that you have to sworn in when you are employed by the government! I love reading blogs where I also get to know some new aspects of other cultures, and especially I love to read it at your blog Lisa! As you know, I do a lot of travel too, and it very hard to resist not behaving like you where on Holiday, but I do try to take advantage of the places I come to and of course check out the stores! Enjoy your weekend at home!

  2. Great photos! I love old architecture .. the phone booth was quite a blast from the past :-)


  3. Your photos are wonderful. A gorgeous city .. and looks like delicious had some delicious food:)


  4. I'm glad training is going well, the capital building is gorgeous!

  5. From the way you write about your trip and from this lovely photos I can feel how happy your are, Lisa :) I'm glad that you strictly follow your "healthy life" plan, well done!

  6. Thanks for sharing these photos Lisa! Eating healthy on the go is always tough for me. Hope you are enjoying your trip!


  7. It's so fun to explore cities. I've never visited this one but you've whetted my appetite!

  8. Lovely pictures. Good for you for taking the stairs and eating healthy!

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  10. Great shots. I love shariing the US with my favourtie bloggers.

  11. I've never been there, but it does look so pretty!
    I hate packing... such a challenge!
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