Sunday, April 29, 2012

Magical Thinking

I have always loved dance in any form.  I've danced since I was very young;  ballet lessons,  high school musicals and bellydance with an amateur troupe.   Dance transforms me;  I feel beautiful and glamorous.  It allows me to play dress up for a day when I compete or showcase.  I'm allowed to indulge the femme fatale, to put on the sparkle and glitz, the false eyelashes, the fairytale gown.  It transforms my appearance and my psyche; for a moment I am a princess, or a Queen.  At a recent competition I was walking from my hotel room to the ballroom in full ballroom regalia.  A little girl who walked by me said to her mommy, "look mommy, it's a princess".  I adored this little girl's magical thinking; and for that moment,  I was a magical princess.

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