Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I have a couple of pictures of yesterday's outfit and some random thoughts I wanted to share.....

Random thought #1.    Many of the comments I receive on my posts say "I wish I could dance".  I encourage you to dance!  I replied to one of those posts by saying that I am a trip-over-my-own-feet kind of gal.  I'm not joking; I do this on a fairly frequent basis.  I thank God that I have not been seriously injured.  I'm kind of awkward, kind of a dork.  I can't do Zumba.  Well, I can, but I look like I'm at a hoedown.  When I'm carrying my bags at school/work, I'm always getting twisted up in them.  I'm just a tad more awkward than the average person.  But I can dance.  I dance well.  I'm not a marvelous pro or a HIGH level amateur but I am a fairly accomplished intermediate level amateur and I am slowly moving up the pro-am ranks.  I didn't start out this way...it took lessons, practice and of course A REALLY FABULOUS coach.  But I love it so much that I am focused and have been able to overcome my dorkiness on the dance floor.  You may think that you have 'two left feet' or that you can't do this, but I encourage you to try if you are wishing you could dance.  
I have danced all of my life, but never with a ballroom partner.  I have done belly dance, gymnastics as a girl and show dance in local musicals.  Ballroom is a different ballgame...but it is by far my greatest love of all of the forms of dance.
You don't need a partner, your instructor and other students will partner you.  Most studios have parties where you can dance with other students and instructors and improve your skills.  NO ONE looks at you as if you are brand new; studio dancers are always willing to help out and welcome new dancers.  I have met some of the most lovely people.
Don't deny yourself this opportunity to experience the joy of dance.

New York and Company dress, Earthies Talera shoes, Adrienne Vittidini scarf

It's tights weather.  I love this weather!!!

Random #2; Tiffany (my niece) has arrived.  I will see her tomorrow...we are taking her out for PIZZA.    This will be a new experience for her; American pizza is different that what she has tried in Japan.  Tiffany speaks very little English so I have my dictionary and will be bringing my good camera to our dinner.  I'm so excited to see her again that I am actually a little nervous.

Random #3;  Thank you to those of you who have sent kind thoughts and wishes to me and to my mother.  I sincerely appreciate your concern.  I love this new community of blog friends!

In the next few days, I will try to have some pictures for you.  Thank you for hanging out with me in blogland!


  1. Lovely outfit - great autumn colours.
    It is lovely to hear how you feel about dancing. I feel the same way about running.
    Hope all goes will with your neice - I am looking forward to the photos.
    Your posts about your mum have made me appreciate my own mother more - if that was possible.
    Take Care,
    Jane X

    1. I would love to try running, but I my feet do tend to be very sensitive to impact and I don't want to risk my dancing!
      Thank you for your support!

  2. What a sweet message to future dancers! I'm not inclined towards dance, but I do love any kind of art, and I would encourage anyone who wants to draw or paint to try it! Take a class! So much of it is training, not talent!

    Love your Adrienne Vittadini scarf! I have one too.

    1. Sheila, do you have the same scarf? I really love mine...it's my favorite.
      You are right, we have only so much natural talent; it must be nurtured to bring it to its fullest potential.

  3. I took dance and both girls dance and it is such a great way to exercise and build self esteem. You are a girl after my own heart, you shop at NY&Co too! Heather

    1. Heather, I do love NY&C, but try no to shop too much anymore (so that I can dance more!). They have really pretty clothes.

      Dance does have magical powers, doesn't it!? What kind of dance did/do you and your girls do?

  4. As one who only posts randomness I HAVE to comment.
    Your comments to those who want to dance are so special and encouraging...thanks! No, I don't wanna dance...but for those who do!
    Enjoy your visit with your niece, I look forward to photos! I am glad she is coming to see your mother while she still feels up to it and like doing something.
    Even tho we know we will loose our moms it is still very hard to deal with....God bless you all!

    1. Thank you Linda. Its hard to think of not having a mom at some point in the future, but its even harder to think about how much pain she is going to be in. That's the tough part.
      Thank you so much for you support, I really appreciate it.

  5. love the color of your outfit and the scarf is so pretty
    hope you have fun on your pizza outing

  6. Lisa, you look so chic! Beautiful scarf and lovely dress, as always!
    I have to admit that I could not see the point of dance until I started to watch "So you think you can dance", and now it is one of my favorite tv-shows. I suppose I had never seen really talented dancers before. You are very convincing, maybe I should give dance a try despite two left feet?!

    1. Of course you should give it a try. I love SYTYCD. That show has some of the most incredibly talented dancers. They are breathtaking. I'm glad you enjoy it. Dance, especially partner dance takes and incredible amount to talent, training and skill at that level.

      You should give dance a try. When (if) you do, don't be tough on yourself if it seems difficult at first. Just keep going. I liken it the different levels of higher education....your earn your bachelors and then you see there is another level, you get the masters and see there is so much more; but at each stage you are still proud of what you have accomplished and it has relevance. Let me know if you do try it!

  7. First and foremost, I love the very on trend oxblood/burgundy (why did they call it oxblood) dress. It looks like a suede material. Second, I took dancing in college Intro and African and picked it up 15 years later when I was 37. Imagine me at 37 year with asthma taking dance with a bunch of teens. But I held my head high and pranced through the leg lifts, the pain, the lifts and all of the sweat that pours down the face of one who is just not in shape for dance. It was a great confidence builder though. Standing up in leotards and tights for a year and a half did that. (-: By the way, Pretty Shiny Sparkly has her oxblood BDIB challenge coming up on September 24th. I would definitely post this outfit.

    1. Thanks Natasha, for he heads up on the the Pretty Shiny Sparkly challenge. I'm going to check it out; its a new blog for me...I love finding new blogs!

      I think its great that you did this dance. Its incredible exercise; so many different skills are used and acquired. Posture, proper breathing technique, strength, control, power; they are all elements. I LOVE LOVE LOVE African dance. It looks so free and uninhibited, but its not just flailing around as so many people thing dancing is. I saw an African dance team performance and was blown away by the rhythms, the power and the raw energy.

  8. I love to dance, though I am horrible at it :)
    Thoughts and prayers go out to your mom.

    What Lola Wants

    1. Thank your for you good wishes and prayers.

      You don't have to be a good dancer to dance. You just have to love it. ;)


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